Cobalt Flux Pad Maintenance

For advice and support with pad repair and modification check out the subreddit r/CobaltFlux

Cleaning Beneath the Panels:

A good cleaning is recommended once every couple of months if you play daily. Here is how to do it. Do not remove the upper sheet metal squares unless necessary, as they can be very difficult to remove, realign, and replace with-out damaging the platform. To clean the sheet metal inside the platform, try the following:

  1. Get a thin ruler (less than 1/8” thick), wrap the upper 4 inches in gauze, thin terrycloth, or a few layers of paper towel, and have some water on hand.
  2. Unscrew the panel you wish to clean under. The screws will probably have a bit of glue on them, but should go back in fine.
  3. Remove the lexan from the panel. This is a good time to give it a nice cleaning, but make sure it is dry before you replace it. Be careful around the exposed decal, as it can be permanently discolored if spilled upon.
  4. With the lexan and screws removed, get your “cleaning rod” pretty damp (but not wet) and thoroughly wipe under the panel. Do not worry if the sheet metal bows a bit, it will flatten back down when you next play.
  5. Wait until everything is dry (a period of 12 hours is recommended), replace the lexan, and then re-screw the panel making sure to drive the screws in just enough to be level with the top of the lexan. You're done! You can use this process to clean every panel on your Cobalt Flux platform.


Cleaning the Top of the Platform:

To clean the top of the platform without going through the elaborate process related above, simply get a paper towel slightly damp with any household window cleaner and proceed to wipe down each of the panels. Make sure to not spray the cleaner directly onto the platform, and do not apply it in excessive amounts, as it can discolor the decals if it gets in between the lexan and the sheet metal and can also cause problems with button activation if it gets under the panels. Allow the panels to dry completely before playing again.



The Cobalt Flux platform is generally very easily stored, fitting nicely under either a bed or couch. Make sure you keep your platform in a dry place. Abnormalities such as decals wrinkling and sticky noises from button presses may occur if the Cobalt Flux platform is stored in cold temperatures, however, these abnormalities will fade through regular play.