Cobalt Flux Pad Modification

For advice and support with pad repair and modification check out the subreddit r/CobaltFlux

Modifying your Cobalt Flux for games that use the center button such as Pump It Up:

Eight buttons are immediately usable on your Cobalt Flux (Up, Right, Down, Left, Circle, X, Square, Triangle). To access the center button (R1) located in the center of the platform, do the following: Unscrew all of the screws on the center panel and gently pry both the lexan and the sheet metal off the velcro. Remember to be mindful of the wire attached to the panel. Once they are removed, take out the wooden prop from underneath the panel. Then simply align and replace the sheet metal, decal and lexan. Now screw the panel back down. If you would like the wood prop back under the center simply follow the method above.

This mod will not work with 9-pin Cobalt Flux pads, PlayStation control boxes, and some legacy versions (older models) of the PC control box. For the best experience you will need our new USB Control Box for PC.